Is this what seminary is for?

I am tired of writing "my" spiritual story and I want to start talking and learning about God's story!


Michael said…
Hey I hope your new seminary life is enjoyable and filled with new challenges and opportunities to grow. I hope CPE is encouraging and full of learning experiences, and I hope you don't forget just how much your spiritual story is a part of God's story.

Grace to you and Peace,
Katie Z. said…
hehehe, i think i read these comments backwards and the previous post makes a lot more sense with this one as a precursor =)

I agree with Michael... it's hard to see your story as a part of God's story... but it is! it's a very important part of it. And all the pieces of your story have led you to this very unique moment. They have been a part of your call and the process of your growth and include all of the things that you will draw on in your ministry - all of the things that make your calling to be a servant of God uniquely yours.

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