Moving Forward

I just wanted to share that I visited the seminary I will be attending next year and I love it! The people are so kind and friendly and care about ministry.

I want to share with you the outline from the Samuel Class I visited. I really enjoyed it:

1. Discussion about how we read a text (out loud, to ourselves, in a group outloud, with character voices, etc.) and how just the reading of the words influences our interpretation.
2. Exegesis of the text.
3. Discussion about the various ways the text has been interpreted through history. Literal, allegorical, etc. Even include recent interpretations in movies.
4. Discussion about how the text can be presented to the church during the worship service.
5. Reflection on how the text speeks to us personally as ministers, what does it say about ministry, leadership, and following God.

It was great, we went from studying the text to teaching it to personal life application!!!

Yeah! I loved it!


ks said…
Sounds a lot like the principles of biblical interpretation rules we learned at NWC.

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