Politics: democrat candidates

Okay, I will probably refrain from many political comments regarding our upcoming presidential election, but I have one brief thought:

Although it is fun to watch the excitement and discussions surrounding Clinton and Obama, I sort of would like to see a different democratic candidate make it on the ballot. I am not one to champion following the crowd, and I feel as though the quantity of free media coverage given to these two candidates has interfered with the political process. It does not seem right for one of these candidates to be the democratic nomination for the presidency, when their names have been lifted to a place in which they have become a "family name" as a result of media attention rather than personal resume and character. I am not saying that either of these candidates are unqualified for the presidency, rather that I am disappointed with the manner that our culture has lifted them up leaving little room for the other candidates to receive popular attention.

I trust that concerned, responsible voters for each party will take the time to consider which candidate is most qualified for the job. I recognize that part of that qualification is the ability to win the election for their party; yet I caution each party to not put all of their wealth in the same pocket, but rather to use this time to show both the depth and width of the quality and variety of candidates they have to offer.


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