It has been an interesting break and one I think I will remember for some time.

I spent the first five days in Washington D.C. with a man who is very special to me. He surprised me with a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, which fulfilled a dream of mine. Since my first introduction to the American Girl book series in elementary school and my later introduction to their pre-teen targeted magazine, I've desired to visit this old town.

We had a fantastic time. The highlights of which were our evenings in the old pub/restaurant, dancing together at a Christmas ball, listening to the elegant sounds of the crystal harmonica, and our conversations as we wandered the streets.

My love for my boyfriend continues to grow, and he constantly amazes and impresses me in new ways.

After our trip to Williamsburg and some time in the capital area, I interviewed for my summer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) placement. In one of the interviews, my future supervisor shared with me some research he is doing on grief and the book he plans to write. It was very interesting and I look forward to learning from him this summer. I also ate lunch with a current student, staff member, and later another chaplain at the residence where I will be working. The conversation with this chaplain was significant in that she somehow drew from me some of my deepest spiritual questions. Questions regarding whether one can lose one's calling to ministry, and how to grapple with different theologies of salvation.

In addition to the time with my boyfriend, and the CPE interviewing process, my family has also had some "new" time together. My younger sister shared the excitement of her engagement with our family and my mother has been struggling to complete the re-location of her business.

And I, in the midst of all of this excitement, continue to embark upon my study of Greek. I am finding that as I refresh my memory, by returning to the very basics of the language, I am building a much more solid foundation than the one I initially received.

Thus, this holiday has been blessed full of variety and newness and I look forward to the days ahead.


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