LIving by the Indirect Discourse

It has been a while since I've lived life in the indirect discourse. Ministry to me, over the past several years, has been an active profession that has occurred directly in manner of speech and interaction with others. It has been a while since I've thought about the indirect discourse of our lives, the ministry that occurs whether we want it to or not.

Tonight I realized, rather remembered what a testimony our daily lives are to the gospel message that we hold so dear. Whether we like it or not our lives reflect our theology and our theology creates a message that others see and observe. Some will not like this theology, it may make them uncomfortable and thus they will create space between persons, whereas others might find this theology curious and draw nearer in order to find out what makes the theology tick and if there are any loop-holes in it. Others may choose to ignore it and just maintain that relationship of regular acquaintances, whereas others may align with it or recognized its differences and still choose friendship over acquaintance.

Thus, our existence, our reality, the substance to our being, and our worldview radiate from us as we live our lives among others. What will your indirect discourse be?


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