Only 3 goals!

I just realized today that I really only have 3 main goals for the next 5 years of my life. This may or may not seem surprising to the reader, but I find it quite surprising as a person who is very goal-oriented and driven. Plus, I know my tract history of regularly updating my list of 100 goals created back in 7th grade.

So, anyway, this is where I would like to be five years from now:

1. Graduated from Divinity school with my MDiv.
2. Be a professional woman with a career that includes quality health insurance and a decent wage that allows room for some significant giving.
3. To be contentedly married and to have already had my first child.

Now, when I look at that limited list of goals, I realize that they include some pretty big life changes. It is amazing to think of how much the culture and the structure of my immediate family has the potential to change over the next five years. Now that my sister is also an adult and choosing to take early steps in demonstrating her freedom to make independent decisions, I realize that the next five years could be pretty interesting!


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