Accidental Providence

It often seems that I accidentally find myself in the right places and once I realize where I am I then have to turn to God and ask, "How did I get here?" and "What plans do you have for me here?" It seems as though I have once again reached one of those places which means I will need to be more than usual on my knees in prayer seeking God's direction. This place reminds me much of my first night at a national pageant when I was asked by one of the pageant hosts what was my reason for being at the pageant, to which I was not able to give a reply. I remember going into my room and shutting the door and realizing where I was and the significance of it all and then I knelt at the bed before God and sought His answer to the question of "why?"

Thus I am at that place again, door closed, the reality of the place I find myself in staring me in the face and the host's questions still etched in my head, "What is your reason for being here?"


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