Prayer, Burden, and Health Wanderings

Tonight as I was looking at my blank walls and freely talking with God, sharing both prayer intercessions and words of praise/thanksgiving, I reflect upon how freely and easily I approached Him and was unable to share openly and honestly. It wasn't that long ago, just a few weeks, that it seemed a burden to come before God and lay my requests, concerns, and thoughts down before Him, because there were just too many too express! Perhaps that is a mode of concern, a warning flag of when one has become too busy, to overwhelmed with the needs and cares of others, the blanket statements of "Lord, please reveal yourself in the life of the people associated with this organization," rather than specific prayers for specific people. When consenting to pray for someone leads to a prayer in that moment and a prayer in the evening asking God to bless whoever it was (name and identity of person long forgotten) that shared that they needed prayers for encouragement that day then perhaps that is when one has passed the point of pausing to re-focus and instead needs to speed up the process of re-delegating. I find it very pleasant to be concerned with the prayer needs of those here and now around me, although I recognize that I have left behind a laundry list of needs at home. This leads to the question, "When is it okay to be burdened by the prayer needs of others and when has this burden become unhealthy in a bad way?" I know in our world today, "healthy" lives is the ultimate goal, the icon of a successful social and mental life, but is the intentional dismissal of the unhealthy healthy? And this then leads to several questions which ultimately lead to the end conclusion of wondering if it is ever possible to really be healthy since we live in such a fallen and selfish world. Okay, enough unparagraphed nonsensical wanderings with made-up words, for tonight.... I am just avoiding trying to translate some sentences from the Septuagint and New Testament and finding myself quite inept. Blessings!


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