Feeling of Average

Here is some thoughts I recorded in my personal paper journal today:

"I am sitting in class with some of the most brilliant people in the United States and for the first time I realize what it feels like to be a C average student. On Monday, I arrived early to Greek class, prepared to sit in one of two seats that theoretically enhance a students relationship with the professor, when much to my surprise I find both seats already occupied by the only two other students in the classroom. Needless to say, as my peers arrived early for class the first three rows of the room filled quickly, negating the unoccupied chairs filling the back half of the room.

Today I arrived to class in jeans and a light pink spring shirt (partly due to some construction in the bathroom), uncharacteristic of the professional clothes I've worn for the past four days and found a seat in the back row, which in this particular classroom is the third of seven.

In just two days we've covered at least a weeks worth of material, so as I watched the pile of tests approach my desk I prepared for a passing, but insignificant grade. Much to my surprise just a short while later when I returned my stapled papers, I felt confident that I had at least received a high B if not an A."


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