Youth Bible Study for opening of Evan Almighty: Genesis 6-8 - Noah and the Flood

Noah and the Flood

Main Idea: (Please read in prep for lesson)

God was saddened by the wickedness of the people He created and so He decided to destroy them and start over. Noah was a righteous man who God decided to honor and use to preserve the human race. In a time when rain was unknown, God asked Noah to build Him an ark and to prepare for a flood. God sent animals to Noah to be put on the ark. A representative of everything that has the breathe of life in it was saved through the protection of the ark. After the floods came, the water eventually subsided and those in the ark were released to walk again on the earth. Noah and his family remembered God’s faithfulness and honored and worshiped God through a sacrifice. God promised to never again curse the ground and destroy all living creatures. God also promised that he would never again cut off all life by the waters of a flood or use a flood to destroy the earth.

Pupil’s Problem: (Please read in prep for lesson)

Sometimes being obedient to God goes against our culture and the values or lack of values of society. But God remains faithful to us when we are faithful to Him, and He will not forget us.

Lesson Aim: (Please read in prep for lesson)

At the end of this lesson our young friends will have courage and be encouraged to obediently follow God’s commands even in the face of adversity.

Introduction: Ask students -

What is one of the craziest things you have ever seen?

What is one of the craziest things you have ever done?

Attention Getter:

Share a story about a time when you had to stand up for your faith or your values when it was difficult.

- not participate in destructive behavior while your peers were
- work place situation where you were bold/honest in sharing your faith
- a time that God called you to do something and it was difficult to follow
- a time when God asked you to be obedient and you were
- a time when God asked you to be obedient and you did not listen

Body of Lesson:

This Friday is the opening day for the movie, Evan Almighty, which is a modern day telling of the story of Noah. Today, we will be reading the story of Noah and learning about the faithful obedience of Noah to God’s call, how God preserved Noah’s life and the blood-line of all living creatures.

Background Info – When Noah was born to his 182 year old father Lamech, Lamech prophesied, “He [Noah] will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the LORD has cursed.”

Let’s see what the people were like when Noah lived.

Read Genesis 6:11-12 and then Genesis 6:5-6
What were people like?
How did God feel about this?
In some translations and later in this passage it says that God was grieved and repentant. Repent means that we feel sorry for something we’ve done and then we want to change and make it right.

Read Genesis 6:7

Read 6:8-10
What made Noah special?
What else do we know about Noah?
What are some ways that Noah was different from the people of his time?
The thoughts of their hearts evil vs. blameless
The people grieve God, Noah finds favor in the eyes of God
The people don’t know God, Noah walks with God

Read 6:13-21
What was God’s plan?
How is Noah involved in this plan?
What promise does God make with Noah? What is Noah’s reward for obedience?

Read 6:22
How did Noah respond to God’s plan?

Read Genesis 7:1-5
What did God command Noah to do next?
What was Noah’s response

Read Genesis 7:11-12, 17-24
When did the flood start?
How long did the rain fall?
How deep did the water get?
What perished/died in the flood waters?
Who or what was saved from the flood waters?

Read Genesis 8:1-5
Noah was faithful to God’s commands. How did God respond to Noah’s obedience?
How long did it take for the water to go down?
Where did the ark come to rest?
The mountains of Ararat are in modern-day Turkey. According to Muslim tradition this same mountain is called Mt. Judi
If you look online and go to you can find some pictures of what the ark might have looked like and some modern search stories. If able, bring a laptop with Internet, so the youth can access the pictures during the class/small group.

Read Genesis 8:6-12
What birds were sent out and did they return? What did this mean?
What do you think a dove symbolizes? How about the olive leaf?

Read Genesis 8:15-17
Noah waits in the ark until what happens?

Read 8:20-22, 9:1-4, 8-17
What did Noah do when he left the ark?
What do you think it looked like? Smelled like?
How did God respond to the sacrifice?
What promises did God make?
What is the reminder of those promises?
Quick Review:
- The people of the time were wicked and only had wicked thoughts.
- Noah was blameless and walked with God.
- God felt sorry for the way people had become and decided to destroy them.
- God saved the human race and the blood-line of all living creatures through the obedience of Noah and an ark.
- After the flood waters came and destroyed all living creatures (not saved in the ark), the waters subsided.
- God invited the living things to once again walk on the earth.
- Noah sacrificed to God.
- God promised life and to never destroy all living things again through a flood.

Carry-Over to Life:

Read again Genesis 7:1

God saw Noah as righteous in his generation, how do you think God sees you?
The people in Noah’s time were wicked in God’s sight and “every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.” How are people different from them today? How are people the same?
If God asked you to create an ark or to do something out of the ordinary, how do you think you’d respond? Why?
What promises does God give us today?
Have you been baptized? How is your baptism similar to God’s saving act with Noah’s family and the ark?


This Friday the theaters will be releasing a modern-day Noah story called Evan Almighty. Today, we’re going to create our own modern-day Noah story. Split into groups of 3 or 4. Each group will write a song, poem, rap, book, game, or skit that shares their modern interpretation of Noah’s story.


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