There are over 14,000 uses for salt! Salt can be used as a preservative. It adds flavoring to food. Salt can either cause harm when rubbed into a wound, or it can be used by doctors as a saline solution to bring healing. Salt cleanses and purifies and is most affective when more than one grain is used.

Jesus tells us Christians that we are the salt of the earth. (See Matthew 5:13) We preserve the Christian faith, add flavoring to life, can either cause more harm to an open wound or help bring about healing. We can forgive (share the cleansing we’ve received through Jesus) and strive to live a moral, pure life. We are more affective as a team than as individuals.

This weeks challenge: Find a use for salt and figure out a way that we as Christians share a common purpose with that use for salt. Then share that purpose on this blog.

For example, one leader at my church said that salt causes a person to be thirsty for water and how in the same way, we as Christians help others to be thirsty for Jesus.

Please feel free to visit the website for some ideas.


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