An Uncommon Name

Periodically, I must write random thoughts that show know great brain power. I must interrupt the deep thoughts with a hiccup of goofiness. At other times, I must stop the irrationality of randomness and must return to using lengthy sentences to make myself believe I am a great writer, intelligent thinker, and worthy of some scholarly honor. Today, I join a friend's blog in randomness.

There are 1,508 people in the United States with my first name, making it the 4019th most popular first name.

Oddly enough, there are 633 people in the United States with my last name. Considering the fact that my father is one of 12 children, I am surprised by the small quantity of people with that surname. Statistically, according to the website,, my last name is ranked as # 41,520 in popularity. I would have thought my last name was more popular than my first.

There is only one of me in the United States. Who would have thought? LOL

Now, oddly, since there is only one of me, there are 31 people who claim my boyfriend's first and last name. No wonder I had such trouble finding him online when I googled him. So much for researching your online friend before agreeing to date him! (Wow, I am a bit sarcastic tonight - must be the influence of my co-worker earlier in the day - I'm not big into sarcasm.)

There are 8 people in the U.S.A with my father's name? How come I can only find that many in the country of his ethnic background?

There are nine people with the name I might want to call my first born daughter and 8 for a possible son name. But, according to the web page, there is no-one with the first name I would really want to give my first born son, which I know is not true, since there are two artists with that name.


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