Materialized Evolution, a.k.a. Guiltless sin

Evolution now justifies being a shop-aholic and lusting after new items.

Check out the following article to learn more:

Why are we slaves to fashion?
Posted Mar 31st 2007 3:01PM by Jonathon Morgan
Filed under: Style in the media

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If you're worried that all this obsessing over what other people wear means you're unoriginal, you're probably right. But according to a recent study, that's ok -- it's part of human nature.

Research published in the latest journal Evolution and Human Behavior says imitating others is a basic human characteristic...Plus, just because we grow to like something after we've seen it multiple times or it's become popular, we shouldn't feel shallow -- in evolutionary terms, this makes sense...

So the next time you've spent all your money on clothes, after spending hours reading about the latest trends on your favorite style blogs, just remember: it's evolution, it's your nature, and it's beyond your control.

Thus, you never have to feel guilty again.


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