Last few pages - Volume 1: Youth

Another page was turned last night of the final chapter of the first volume of my life. I'm not sure there are many pages left to turn before starting the next volume. It is a strange place to be, on the last few pages. First it was my stepping down as the area director of our youth ministry outreach to hurting teens, then it was my submitting my resignation letter for my church job, and last night a final prayer answered that brought together the long hoped for emotional finality to an already finalized "romance."

As I sit with the cover of the first volume resting in my arms, my fingers lightly dance on the edge of the few pages remaining on the left side, I feel as though the conclusion has already been read and my eyes are just wandering through the peacefulness of the restful aftermath of a lengthy but adventurous story. The end of volume one somewhat draws my curiosity to volume two, but does not leave any great hints as to what will be in store when if I first lift the title page of the new book. The time period, I presume, will be adulthood and will take place in various cities that are not currently my home. The first chapter or two will probably be my adventures in divinity school and the growth of my relationship with my boyfriend. But beyond that, I am clueless as to what lies ahead. Perhaps volume two will incorporate marriage, children, the purchase of a house, professional life, and many of those basic central life stages that are expected of someone in early to mid-adulthood. Perhaps volume 2 will come to a conclusion with the birth of grandchildren or a permanent move to another country. Who knows but God?

Ready for the adventure that the next volume will bring? I hope it is peaceful and prosperous with God always at the center.


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