Book: Cost of Discipleship

I just finished reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "The Cost of Discipleship."
As I am preparing for divinity school in the fall, I thought it might be neat if I start creating a format for reporting on the books that I read. I am sure that this format will evolve over time.

Title: Cost of Discipleship
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Published: 1937 as "Nachfolge"

Reason for Reading: This book has been on my desired reading list for some time. When I learned that my boyfriend and some of his friends were reading it, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon (which is not a common thing for me to do.) I decided to keep it a secret that I was reading it until Valentine's Day. For Valentine's I revealed that I too had decided to pick up the book, so that I could participate in their book discussion.

If I were to re-title the book, I'd name it: "Suffering Saint: Carrying the Image of Christ"

Quotes I would like a response to:

"If we regard sanctification as a purely personal matter which has nothing whatever to do with public life and the visible line of demarcation between the Church and the world, we shall land ourselves inevitably into a confusion between the pious wishes of the religious flesh and the sanctification of the Church which is accomplished in the death of Christ through the seal of God. This is the deceitful arrogance and the false spirituality of the old man, who seeks sanctification outside the visible community of the brethren. It is contempt of the Body of Christ as a visible fellowship of justified sinners, a contempt which disguises itself as inward humility, wheras it was the good pleasure of Christ to take upon him our flesh visibly and to bear it up to the cross. It is also contempt of the fellowship , for we are then trying to attain sanctification in isolation from our brethren. And it shows contempt for our fellow-sinners, for we are withdrawing from the Church and pursuing a sanctitiy of our own choosing because we are disgusted by the Church's sinful form. By pursuing sanctification outside the Church we are trying to pronounce ourselves holy."

How does this affect your opinion of the Church?


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