Surprise Me with Joy and my family too!

Surprises of the day:

- call from a kid I mentor asking me if I'll go shopping with her.
- a discussion about spiritual matters with a friend.
- a YL kid buying me a winter coat!
- finding out that an old secret crush lives in the same house as the girl I mentor and that they are related! (He's engaged and has two kids - don't worry.)
- my family buying new furniture and selling the old.
- my sister possibly being asked to be an international fashion model?
- my friends and I left the city a lot earlier than I thought we would.
- sleeping in.
- my new camera takes surprisingly good photos.
- my boyfriend and I do have a picture from New Year's Eve together!
- a deer standing majestically in the front yard when I arrived home.
- my friends paying to fill my car with gas!
- amazing bread at this restaurant.
- my imagining designing and sewing a dress for myself.


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