"Surprise Me" - The S & T Factor

Just found this old post, that I never posted:

I just finished reading chapter, or should I say "day" 1 of Terry Esau's book. So far, I really like how he thinks. I remember when he came and spoke at Northwestern College, when I was a student there, and thinking that someday I should pick up his book "Blue Collar God/White Collar God." Anyway, in chapter/day 1, he mentions his lunch meeting with an innovative friend and makes the following reflective remarks:

"'Incrementalism is innovation's worst enemy.' I don't know who said that, but I love this phrase and think it's packed with a lot of truth... Long ago I decided that in my music business, if everybody feels good and safe with the music, then it must be weak, impotent, passionless. And it probably won't achieve its purpose. I call this the S & T factor. If there's not at least one person who Squirms and Twitches when they hear it, then toss it out, it's dead."

Sometime a few years back I wrote (well, God guided me in writing) a personal mission statement and then later ministry guiding principle goals. One of those guiding ministry principles/goals was to "stir the church." Sounds a lot like the S & T factor. If the sermon doesn't have that special punch/zing/conjunction to it, then throw it and start over, or wait until it comes. Holy Spirit spice. Yeah, that is what I think I'll call it. If it is missing the Holy Spirit spice, sit back and wait and see what comes of it.


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