Hearing God's Voice (a.k.a. Shopping with God)

I hear a voice calling out to me
Have faith my child
Have faith Do believe.

Sometimes I think it is difficult to explain how you know that it is God speaking to you. It seems as though the best way to tell a story that involves God speaking is after the results of God's voice are evident. Perhaps that is why God told Moses that he would know that it was God who had given him the commandment to go free his native people after God actually released them from their captivity.

For the past few days, I've just known that I'm supposed to go to the grocery store to buy party snacks for tonight's youth event and that I wasn't supposed to spend more than $8 of money I brought with me to the store. I wasn't quite sure how God was going to supply the quanity of food I needed with $8 or less, but I had a sense he would double the money. Perhaps there would be a two for one special. Or maybe even better yet, I'd wander the aisles not finding anything I could afford and then one of the last aisles I turned down there would be a sign that read "8 snack items for only $8." Needless to say, today I went grocery shopping.

I immedietly went to the baking aisle, "I should be able to bake plenty of desserts for $8" I thought. As I started down the aisle I made eye contact with a woman who I somewhat know from the health club where I work. I followed courtesy guidelines and said "hi!" She responded by asking me if I knew if it was possible to purchase chocolate that did not include milk as an ingredient. And thus a lengthy conversation began. Towards the end of our conversation and elderly man escorting his wife who was blind interuppted our discussion and asked for help finding corn muffin mix. We helped them find the mix which transported our discussion to the desserts in a box part of the aisle. Naturally, I mentioned that I was on a quest to buy snacks for 20 kids with $8. The woman I was speaking with opened up her wallet and gave me a $10 bill mentioning that she hadn't yet made a donation to the non-profit I work with and would love to increase the amount of goods that I could purchase. Thus God supplied enough food for tonight with $5.36. And this is how I know it was God's voice.


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