"God's Promises for You" Love

Another book I received as a gift from one of my boyfriend's family members was the book "God's Promises for You," a Max Lucado compilation.

If I read a promise a day, today's promise would be love.

Just think of God when reading 1 Corinthians 13. If God is love, then the following must also be true:

- God is patient.
- God is kind.
- God is not envious.
- God does not boast.
- God is not proud.
- God is not rude.
- God is not self-seeking.
- God does not easily angered.
- God does not keep record of wrongs.
- God does not delight in evil.
- God rejoices with the truth.
- God always protects.
- God always trusts.
- God always hopes.
- God always perseveres.
- God never fails.

I'm not completely comfortable with all of these statements. They don't match up with what I know God to be based upon my theological experience at a conservative Christian college. Yet, I like them. Hmmmm. something to think about. If anyone is out there - please reply with your thoughts.


Joe Clark said…
Which statements do you not agree with? I think they seem accurate for the most part, except maybe for the one "God does not keep record of wrongs" and maybe "God is not self-seeking."
Anonymous said…
hey! good thoughts! I see you got the link for my webpage on the side- cool!!! Hope you are well!
ks said…
Yeah, they aren't necessarily accurate. Especially God is not self-seeking. I think He's very self-seeking. But if you put those statements in the context of God, it's a little different. When we say self-seeking, it's wrong because we're imperfect and we're trying to promote ourselves when we're supposed to look out for the needs of others. but God is perfect, so it's OK for him to be self-seeking.
(It is weird to say "God is not rude". Of COURSE he's not weird!)

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