Fairies and the Underworld: Part 1- the passage

The voice on the other end of the phone was very persuasive and the tone reminded me of something enchanted calling to the deepest part of one's soul. My sister, Sunshine, friend, Lily, and I looked at each other and knew we had to respond to the call, we had no choice. With a quick all-knowing glance we decided we would accept and stepped onto the hover boards. Immediately they shot out into the dark of the marbled wooden track. Zipping side to side and around curves, we strangely found our way down the path, much like a skateboarder finds his way through the unknown technological maze of a city in a video game. The path took many unexpected twists and turns. We called each of our mothers on the way, to let them know we wouldn't be coming home for another day. We had to be extra careful of our driving skills as each new dip or twist appeared before us. The path we are on became a tube of wood, each variety mixed together in a mis-matched pattern. At one point we almost ran off the lipped edge. I sensed the phone was going to ring and hit the toggle swicth, "Hello?" The voice on the other end melodically responded, "I will meet you at the other end of the next dip." Then silence. We turned the ben and ahead of us the path ended. There was no where to go, we were surrounded by a thick wall on our front and on both sides. Our boards moved uncontrollably forward toward the smooth wall ahead and then we dropped. Free-falling in an almost Alice in Wonderland like way, we could not speak a word. The descent was slow, almost too slow. All of life seemed to stop as we descended in slow motion through the tunnel toward the blackness that seemed to have no end. Silently, we stared at each other, not knowing what would greet us on the other end.


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