Day 10 Surprise Me (book by Esau)

So, I just read day 10 of Terry Esau's book in which he asks God to daily surprise him. What I think I've realized so far from reading this book is to not be afraid to ask God to surprise me. Terry really trusts that when God surprises him it will be good surprises that help him and/or others grow closer to God. He doesn't expect negative things to happen, only positive - fun, little adventures of faith.

At the same time, the things that surprise Terry seem common place to me. My life is full of surprises, I just don't think of them as surprises anymore because being surprised is normal. In fact, perhaps, I've become so comfortable with surprises, that to not be surprised might make me uncomfortable and wonder what is lying just around the corner.

Early this fall at my work place the digital camera went missing. On the camera were some pictures from a summer camp trip. Mysteriously, two of those camp pictures have appeared on the new digital camera port, purchased just a month ago. We have deleted the memory on the new camera, yet these old pictures that mysteriously appeared will not disappear. Now that is a surprise!


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