2007 Resolutions

I've had a lot of thoughts since my last entry, a lot of things I've wanted to write about in here. But, I also want to be cautious in what I write, recognizing that this journal is not private but is part of the spectra of mass media resources available to us today. On that note, did anyone see that the TIME person of the year is us (The bloggers and information highway consumers.)? Have consumers ever received such a reward before? Sounds like great marketing on the part of the magazine.

Anyway, while doing a web search I came across a web site that is collecting New Year's Resolutions. I thought it was quite interesting and decided to share it. According to 43things finding a church home is the second highest ranked resolution for this new year. Isn't that exciting! I'd like to look into what some of those blogs say in order to see what people mean when they say they want to find a church. Maybe, I'll have to do that when I have some more time.

I am often anti-movement when it comes to the church and culture, and at other times I am such a culture watcher that I buy right into what the new and upcoming thing is in order to stay contemporary. Since the trend online right now is to post resolutions, I thought I'd give in to it. Why not? So, here is my list, as of today. It is up for editing. Any suggestions? Or am I being too vulnerable in asking for assistance?

2007 – 10 New Year’s Resolutions
1. I will not verbalize negative thoughts about anyone and when I begin to think negative thoughts about someone, I will stop myself and reconsider something positive to think about instead, preferably about that person.

2. I will study one book of the Bible each month, starting with Matthew.

3. I will read 10 books this year of my choosing and of my own interest.

4. I will return everything that I have borrowed that needs to be returned.

5. I will watch for ways to simplify my life, but I will do this in such a way that it will not be to the disadvantage of others.

6. I will put things away when I am done using them, including putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket at night, rather than the next morning.

7. I will only consume sugar when it is related to some special occasion or to the request of someone else.

8. I will finish well everything that I have started and will not allow things coming to an end to discourage me from continuing the current leg of the race.

9. I will guard my time and respect the time commitments of my family.

10. I will observe my words and begin to speak more “Babi Eigish.”


Okay, so as of right now I'm not reading one book of the Bible a month starting at Matthew. Instead I am really enjoying Genesis.

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