Salvation Celebration!

How often do we celebrate our salvation? Really, just think about it... (hear the passion in my voice). We have been saved... redeemed... set free from the prison of sin, death, and destruction... We have been given a new life... freedom... a saving relationship with the one and only true and absolutely amazing God! And what do we do? Do we take it for granted? Do we sit still and quietly observe that He is a God of peace... and division? Do we honor Christmas and Easter with our traditional actions? Or, do we have a party and party like we know how to party?

Just imagine for one moment, the best party you've ever hosted or been a guest at during your life. Imagine, what it would be like if we as believers had parties like that, with that energy, that level of excitement, that mood of celebration and enjoyment, and we met together and celebrated our salvation! Wouldn't that be great!!!

What if we took this one step forward and transferred this idea of a party into reality? Where would we have the party? Who would we invite? What music would we play? What gifts would we give? What food and beverages would we enjoy? What would we talk about? What would we do? How would we decorate? Who would be the host? Where would the party occur? How could we feed into the energy of it all so that it was truly a celebration of life and of Christ? How would we give all of the honor to God?

Just think about it....

Done thinking?

Good, now lets start planning our party of praise to thank the God of the universe who cared enough for us mere humans that He shared His son's life with us that we might too have life and have it in the fullest.

Celebrate! The Party is ON!!!!


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