The Menial Work

The Menial Work (a blog entry from two years ago, that never posted. - Oct. 06)

I just realized that I have the wrong attitude about housework and
daily chores. I see this work as something I must get done in order
to go on to more important things. I just realized though that this
work sometimes is the "more important thing." If it weren't for my
laundry being clean and my room being organized, I wouldn't be able to
successfully do the work I was called to do. So in essence, this work
is critical to my success in the work that I value greater.

Now, time for the attitude switch. The apostle Paul had to have
washed his robe. Mary, the mother of Jesus, must have taken time away
from raising Jesus to go to the market and care for the bare
necessities of life. Now I need to see the laundry and washing dishes
as a gift that allows me to do those things for which I am passionate,
as well as more importantly to live!


-Standing in Faith, Kneeling in Trust


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