Emergent or Emerging or Neither

I found this article online( http://criswell.wordpress.com/files/2006/03/3,2%20APastoralPerspectiveontheEmergentChurch%5BDriscoll%5D.PDF ) that briefly outlines the beginning of the naming of the emerging movement. I found it helpful in recognizing the different theological positions and ideologies within the movement. I also found it interesting that the author recognized that the changes that have now been labeled have been in existance for some time. But one must also recognize the power of giving something a name, which allows it a much more powerful identity. A name allows people to come together in a unified direction.

When I first heard about the emergent church it was through an article read at a para-church youth ministry regional meeting. As I read the description of the church it reminded me of the church that I grew up in. "Where the Bible speaks, we speak, where the Bible is silent, we're silent." I remember and still observe debates about what our denomination believes and how to articulate those beliefs when we don't have any strong theological statement. This whole emerging thing isn't new and perhaps that is why I get so frustrated by it. I have trouble buying into movements, especially when they have a name, but no clear vision or unifying idea. Yes, the church has a lot of room for growth and change, but is this movement what will bring around the right type of change?

On one of my friend's blog ("Criticism vs Christianity" http://kbsnodgrass.blogspot.com/ ) she noted that there is something wrong with the church in every country and nation. There is always something to be critiqued. She challenges us not to get lost in the critiquing and analyzing, but rather to put action to our faith and live out what we belive. As she basically challenges us between her two blog entries, instead of spending so much time online discussing it, go out into the world and live it!

Another site I just found, but haven't yet explored: theopedia.com


beckypelishek said…
good thoughts... i love the topic of culture & faith/// i wish i could devote all my time to it
Katie Z. said…
I am trying hard to design an emerging/alternative worship service at my church... so far it has mostly been praise and worship (which doesn't feed my soul) and so it has been a struggle. The key focus for me in this is to connect the ancient liturgies and rituals of the church with our context - and to provide authentic worship experiences, where we don't have to put on masks or pretend we have all the answers... The model that we are sort of following and I dream we can someday look like is the Church of the Apostles in Seattle, WA - http://www.apostleschurch.org/home.php...

A visitor has an awesome description of worship there at http://www.shanehubner.blogspot.com/ (scroll down to May 31,2004)

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