living life with steps of faith

I sit down to write and then I erase my thoughts because I write them out of pride. And then I look up and read the top of this blog and the words "living life with steps of faith" radiate within my thoughts. When you are living life with steps of faith, you can't look back and wonder how those steps could have or might have been taken differently. Instead you look forward or reflect upon the present. How does a goal-oriented person live life with steps of faith, knowing that sometimes those steps of faith may lead one to do things that do not seem most logical according to the world's idea of success. What if those steps of faith are steps that will take you down a slower route that won't give you as much "security" according to the world's standards? What if others cannot understand your steps of faith?

When Noah built the arc, how did he feel about his retirement fund? When Paul embarked upon his mission journey, beyond planning on reaching specific destinations, were any of his goals personal or were they all other and God focused? Is there ever a time when one is released from taking steps of faith or do they just get greater (and perhaps easier with increased practice) each step of the way? Is there ever a point of relief or is that part of the gift of faith?

As I consider my age and think about the future and then discuss with my family how circumstances affected some decision making in the past, I wonder what the future holds. There is an understanding of independence, wise stewardship, responsibility, and wisdom within me that creates guidelines for wise decision making. Then there is the reality of some biblical truths about what really is valuable in life and seeing the world from a heavenly, eternal perspective that makes me see the importance of the here and now for the eternal big picture.

If I were to die tonight, I would have wanted to live today in a manner that had a positive eternal impact on the souls of the community around me. If I live today like it were my last, I don't have the time to plan for my future, because my earthly future doesn't matter. Yet, if my earthly life exceeds into old age, then part of living today wisely means planning for tomorrow or knowing that God will provide in the fraility of old age just as he provides in the weaknesses of youth.

When you pray for rain, you carry an umbrella. When you pray to live a long life, what and how do you carry your umbrella?


Sydney Darnay said…
What is the difference between "worrying about the future" and "planning for the future" in the context of being a good steward and disciple? After all, even Paul, though he was certainly guided by faith, worked for his living so that he would not be a burden, stating that this was to be a rule for all Christians (2 Th 3:6-15). This doesn't answer your questions, but perhaps it spurs new thoughts?

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