Every Person Involved In God's Puzzle

I was reading the story of the Lord's last supper with his disciples, as recorded in Mark 14 tonight, and I was reminded of the faithfulness of the man who hosted the dinner. Jesus instructs his disciples to go into the city, follow the man carrying water, and greet the owner of the house with the words "The Teacher asks: Where is my guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?" Jesus knew that there would be a specific man carrying a jar of water who had a specific destination. The Lord knew that the owner of a home would have a room prepared for them and would know how to respond to the instructions, "The teacher asks" and the words "my guest room."

As I read this story, I wondered what conversation occurred between the owner of the house and God prior to the arrival of the man carrying water and Jesus' disciples. Had God instructed this man to set up a table specifically for Jesus. What did that conversation look like?

Owner: ho hum, what should I do today. The passover is just a few days away, and I am all alone.


Owner: Hmmm. I think I should set up a table for a passover meal. I'm curious as to this Jewish tradition, my being a gentile.


Owner: Almighty Creator, how would you like me to spend my day.


Owner: Set up a table for 13 for the Passover! I don't even know that many people who would want to celebrate the Passover with me?


Owner: Hmmm. For some odd reason, I think God is calling me to prepare a Passover meal for Jesus and his 12 apostles. I better get ready.


Owner: Let's see. We'll need to have a place set for my wife, my two sons and their wives, my son Jehosaphat's two children, my son Barthalomew's son, and my two single daughters.

Whether or not God gave the owner specific directions; allowed him to follow his regular routine, but prepared his heart to sacrifice his own passover plans for God's; or quietly nugged the owner to set up the table, this part of the story is a good reminder that God uses us in His great plan to do things that we may never know He has accomplished. One simple move on the chess board of life, could set up God's next great play.


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