Social Misfit

Everyone has there own ideas of what "fitting in" looks like, yet there seems to be a level of undefined socially acceptable behavior that is commonly accepted within a community. And then there are those people who don't fit. Some people see them as a pain that "must be dealt with" while others see these social misfits as "angels" that have important messages to share if one just looks beyond the surface appearance.

I was grocery shopping late one night earlier this week and I looked up and there was Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite on a floor mopping machine in the meat section. He smiled at me with a Pedro grin and I had to keep myself from chuckling, until I ducked around the next aisle's shelving.

An awkward friend shared tonight about his last dance at Prom and how he danced with an invisible partner. The dance ended with his peers clapping and making mocking comments, but he didn't ear the words as words of mockery, but rather words of affirmation.

Then tonight, I was the misfit. I was the one white girl that really acted white. A young lady I mentor commented, "girl, can you just stop being so white for a minute and say 'a-ight,' instead of 'like.'"

We fight so hard to fit in that we become awkard in the process.


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