Beginning Thoughts

Today I was blessed with Scripture. Lately God has been reminding me of His call to all believers to live holy lives. His Scripture has come alive and I have been encouraged to continue to humbly stand in the faith even when others are encouraging me to function according to the world's standards of professionalism and personal success. I read the story about the sons of Zebedee and their desire to sit at the right and left hand of Jesus. Jesus uses this conversation to remind His disciples that it isn't about who finishes first or is seen as the most important, but that He calls us to live following His example as a servant and humble man.


Law2Grace said…
You left a comment for me and I think that you are right in wanting to live a holy life. Too often, in a way, we are coerced to be politically correct and relevant to the people of the world and do what they say to do. Where has our faith to stand up for what we believe gone? I admit, I am a sinner and will continue to sin until I die but must I also deny the one who denied himself, of which he had no obligation to do, because He was perfect and obeyed the Law? I was reading a good book the last few days, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller (good read, highly recommended) and it gave me a picture of how I need to get out of the place of self-absorption and look at the rest of the world and see that is isn't all about me. I think when you look beyond yourself, and think of others before yourself, your life will have meaning. I mean, "denying oneself" is a weird term, but rephrased as "surrendering your right to do what you want for the good of others" it has an impact for me. I need to realize that I have the full right as a human being, a.k.a. free will, but that I can willingly surrender that will if I so feel that the good of others is a more appropriate and God honoring choice. So, it is late and I should get to bed. I hope you are being blessed this very minute. =)

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